sky image

The sky last night from Armagh.

The image above was taken at around midnight last night by the Polar Bear Telescope which monitors light pollution. The bright star towards the top centre is Polaris, also known as the North Star or Pole Star and the area of sky covered is about 10 degrees which is roughly the size covered by your outstretched fist. You can click on this image or the others on this page to view it at its original size.

Sometimes the image will be blank because the sky was clouded over. You can check the forcast sky conditions here and see the current conditions from our webcam.

For comparison here is an image taken on a clear night, 2009 May 10th.

clear sky

This is the same image as above but it has been processed (normalized) to bring out the fainter stars.

clear sky normalized

Last Revised: 2009 November 13th