My CD Collection....

A list of My CD collection, for no reason other than to give me an excuse to talk about what I like and what I own, Oh and I probably had too much spare time when I did this......

This is all from memory so there might be some missing, hopefully I will find similar Periods of inactivity to keep this thing up to date, and if I find the time some links to my personal notes and other web pages may be added.

Well Perhaps I'm not entirely proud of every record listed here, and some of my real favourites (Pretty Hate Machine Springs to mind) have been lost over the years. So perhaps my collection could do with trimming some of the fat but I'm too much of a collector to sell and anyway I still find people who want to hear these tracks so I couldn't dissapoint them ;-)

I've been putting a lot of this stuff into mp3 format for storage on myplay's online music service, which means that you can actually listen to some selections from my collection. The actual selections have to vary all the time because there's a time limit...

Right now, it's a selection with a very Scottish theme, with plenty of Scottish bands (no Bay city rollers though) and even some soundbites from Sean Connery and Billy Connoly.

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